2024 Call for Nominations

Thank you for responding to our call for nominations to serve on our Board. Plan to partake in our AGM for results!

The ESCC is calling for nominations for new directors on its Board to be elected by community members at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for June 18th, 2024.

The Council’s Nominations / Succession process is being renewed and onboarding tools and mentorship / accompaniment are being developed.

We encourage you to consider submitting your candidacy.  You may also want to suggest a person from your networks.

We thank you in advance for forwarding to us the names and supporting details (i.e., a statement/letter of intent and a biography or CV) of persons who you think could make a positive contribution to the Board (who will engage and partake in the governance of the ESCC’s development, contribute to its relevance and accountability, as well as to its agility and resilience). Consistent with the Council’s mission and mandate, candidates must be knowledgeable of and active in the English-speaking Catholic community.

Previous board experience is a valuable asset. Candidates from the Greater Montreal area (i.e., including the South and North Shores) with diverse/complementary professional/occupational backgrounds are sought. We aim to ensure representation of cultural communities/visible minorities, as well as newcomers to Quebec, across all age groups (notably young adults and seniors).