The ESCC Turns 40!

Like all community organizations, ongoing Covid-restrictions since March 2020 meant that the Council was limited in its ability to host in-person events. Nevertheless, the Council was able to mark the 40th anniversary of the ESCC using online forums.

On December 15, 2021, the Council hosted a virtual celebration of the 40 years of service and advocacy the ESCC has provided to the English-speaking Catholic community. Former Presidents of the Council, Martin Murphy (1992-1994 and Executive Director, 1995–2012), Don Myles (1994-1996), Sean Harrington (1996-1998), Clifford Lincoln (2007 -2010), Paul Donovan (2012-2014) and Diane Lemay (2016-2018) addressed the gathering. Each shared their memories of the important events and activities of their time with the Council. Together with their testimonies, a slide show of historic photographs and a time for reminiscences for the participants, the evening was a convivial and informative “toast” to the work of the Council.

Highlights of these testimonies and historical pictures from the slide show were compiled into a video which was presented at the ESCC AGM in June 2022.