Structuring our Commitments

During our 2024 AGM, held on June 18, the community members were able to explore the historic beauty of The Youville Motherhouse. It was there that we had the first on many opportunities to share the shaping of our newly revised Mission, Vision & Values, identifying the strategic priorities to position the ESCC for short- and long-term growth and success. We are confident that our 2024-2027 strategic plan will instil a sense of belonging as well as inspire commitment, ownership, and energy towards achieving our goals.

Three priorities structure our commitments:

  1. Communicate our values and community leadership
    Building awareness with the public, partners, and supporters to expand our community network, foster collaborations, improve program design, accessibility, and participation.
  2. Increase financial sustainability and affinity
    Ensuring we are financially sustainable, stable, and budget flexible to drive the ESCC’s organizational excellence. Furthering our mission to provide high quality programs today and for years to come.
  3. Sustain organizational excellence
    Strengthening the ESCC’s knowledge management to enable board members, employees, and volunteers to grow as they strive to achieve our mission, vision, and strategic objectives in addition to optimizing technology to enhance the ESCC’s program delivery and administrative functions.

Participants were also introduced to the Territorial and African ancestry acknowledgements we are implementing, in coherence with our values.

Once again, we thank all the internal and external stakeholders who played a vital role in the ESCC’s transformative strategic planning journey. Their continued engagement will be essential to our progress and community impact.