A Milestone Achieved!

The ESCC has reached a milestone in its transformative journey toward strategic priorities that will be translated into a 2024-2027 action plan. The confidential “fireside chats” led by our consultant tapped into the perspectives of 12 internal stakeholders (staff, Board, and Strategic Planning Steering Committee members) and representatives from 10 of 13 (77%) targeted community organizations, groups, diocesan and lay team leaders, as well as all stakeholders at the service of at least one of the following: youth and young adults; cross-cultural and interfaith dialogue; older adult and senior wellness; welcoming and accompanying of newcomers, refugee claimants, and displaced persons; unity and vitality in the English-speaking community of the Greater Montreal Area. A literature review enriched our consultant’s observations about the ESCC’s strengths, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and threats to its thriving.

As an integral part of the journey, the Council is investing toward renewing its governance practices, assessing them annually, updating its By-Law, and having its staff and committee structure evolve to make gains in agility, reach, and social impact. Letting go of the Executive Assistant position that served it well since the outset, it is currently crafting a position profile focused on communications and outreach with internal and external input (e.g., from the ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MESS) and the English Language Arts Network (ELAN)).

Please plan to attend our June 18th AGM for developments in all these fundamental matters of the life and becoming of our organization!

Image: Word Cloud from our 2023 AGM