In keeping with the mission of the Church, the English Speaking Catholic Council focuses its efforts primarily in the educational, health and social services, community animation, social justice and cultural domains.

Among the Council’s specific functions are the following: To develop a sense of community identity and common purpose, to encourage development of leadership in the community, to assist in coordinating human resources and to ensure effective representation before government bodies and on various boards, committees and councils.

The ESCC is a federally registered non-profit organization. A volunteer elected Board of Directors, made up of generous and dedicated men and women from both the private and public sectors, and assisted by two full-time staff members, governs it.

The ESCC is an important organization within our community for the very reason that its objectives correspond to the teaching of the Church on the role of the laity in the modern world. Its contributions for the past thirty-three years of its existence have been tested time and time again on a variety of issues and it has been accepted as a credible voice at the local, provincial and national levels of government.