Founded in 1981, the English Speaking Catholic Council (ESCC) is a lay, charitable, non-profit organization that seeks to be an agile, effective, and collaborative leader for the English-speaking Catholic community of the Greater Montreal Area. Please note that the following ESCC Mission and vision statements are transitional.


To act as a catalyst, convener, and facilitator of community life and collective action for the English-speaking Catholic community of Greater Montreal and to promote values related to human dignity, social participation, and justice, as well as the common good, notably in relation to underrecognized or insufficiently heard voices, such as those of seniors, young adults, newcomers / asylum seekers, and visible minority groups.


To be a forum and a hub for Montreal’s English-speaking Catholics of all origins, ages, and occupations, engaging with and for them in lifegiving and networking initiatives and relationship-building while aiming to contribute to the unity and vitality of the English-speaking community in Quebec.